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New Feature



We have had many requests for a field location list on the website.  Please check out our new field locator feature!


***Please note that fields will be added/removed each season depending on each program's field availability.***


MAYLA Resources

The Mesh - MAYLA's Membership Forum

Please click the link above to join in on discussions, find a place for your player to play, discuss rules, and find answers to your youth lacrosse-related questions.

Spring 2015 Forms


    2015 Spring Info

    Player Age Eligibility for Rec League

     Spring 2015 Recreation Division Age Grouping Quick Reference Table

    Grade  Division
     1st-3rd  Bantam
     4th-5th  Lightning
     6th-7th  Junior
     7th-8th Senior


    Membership Dues -

    Bantam teams - $120

    Lightning, Junior, & Senior rec teams - $200

    Select teams - $250


    MAYLA Mailing Address:

    P.O. BOX 4173
    MARIETTA GA  30061


    Please refer to US Lacrosse rules with the following exceptions:


    U9 Boys & Girls (Bantam): Two pass rule
    U11 Boys (Lightning): No D poles
    All Divisions:  No overtime permitted; Games may end in a tie.
    Age Divisions By Grade


    Girls Rules

    MAYLA Important Dates


    For questions about MAYLA, please e-mail admindirector@metroatlantalax.com.

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