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    ***Please note that fields will be added/removed each season depending on each program's field availability.***



    MAYLA Resources

    The Mesh - MAYLA's Membership Forum

    Please click the link above to join in on discussions, find a place for your player to play, discuss rules, and find answers to your youth lacrosse-related questions.


    The MAYLA Challenge 2017

    The MAYLA Challenge is a great way to end the season for our Spring rec teams.  Each team is guaranteed four games in this round robin format. We look forward to everyone participating in this exciting and fun event. We will have concessions and vendors at each venue.  


    May 6th & 7th, 2017

    Boys & Girls

    Bantam - Seniors


    More info coming...


    Cost per team to participate is as follows:

    $400 - Boys and Girls Bantam, Girls Lightning

    $500 - Boys Lightning, Girls and Boys Juniors, Girls and Boys Seniors


    Click here to register your teams!

    Registration Ends April 17th!



    MAYLA 2017 Spring Season

    The Spring 2017 Schedule Is HERE!


    Please note changes made after the final schedule was published are updated on your team page.  Please use team pages for the most accurate schedule and for standings.


      Player Age Eligibility


      Grade  Division
      K-1st K/1


       4th-5th  Lightning
       6th-7th  Junior
       7th-8th Senior


      Membership Dues - (Due in the spring)

      K/1 teams - no dues, trial season

      Bantam teams, Girls Lightning - $120

      Boys Lightning, Junior, & Senior teams - $200


      MAYLA Mailing Address:

      P.O. BOX 4173
      MARIETTA GA  30061


      Please refer to US Lacrosse rules with the following exceptions:


      U9 Boys & Girls (Bantam): Two pass rule
      U11 Boys (Lightning):  Full field 
      All Divisions:  No overtime permitted; Games may end in a tie.
      Age Divisions By Grade




      For questions about MAYLA, please e-mail

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